Mike Torres

Agency Founder/CEO

Beginning in 2010, Mike Torres started helping Medicare beneficiaries in Fort Worth while working directly for a Medicare Insurance company. Early on he realized he had found his passion in assisting the retired, elderly, and disabled communities with working through the confusion of Medicare.

After a successful career with that company, he was recruited by another insurance carrier and was happy to move back to Lubbock to service the community where he was born and raised. In 2014, Mike decided the only way to truly help his community was to license and start the Agency for Retired, Elderly & Disabled. In his tenure as a Medicare specialist he has helped literally thousands of Medicare Beneficiaries with Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplements, Chronic illness plans, Prescription Drug Plans, and Life Insurance.

Mike’s passion has carried on to helping other agents become Medicare specialists, and he helped over a hundred insurance agents across Texas start their career in serving the Medicare Beneficiary. Mike is never too busy to follow his passion; give him a call he’ll be happy to help with walking you through Medicare in West Texas and the Dallas/Fort Worth areas.

Espero Servile pronto.